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Everglades Backcountry Kayak Tour

See parts of this vast wilderness that are only accessible by kayak. Glide through the delicate ecosystem of the Everglades at your own pace as you explore the mangrove tunnels, grass prairies, and the hardwood hammocks of the backcountry. Have your camera ready because alligators, osprey, otter, bald eagles, a variety of wading birds and even manatee call this area home. It’s a calm, leisurely paddle that’s great for first timers and experienced paddlers alike. Early morning and just before sunset are the best times to go. However, all tours are Private so we can be flexible and start at a time that’s most convenient for you. A hat and sunglasses are a good idea but not mandatory. We supply cold bottled water, fresh fruit, sunscreen, dry containers to protect your belongings and if needed…head lamps, rain ponchos & bug spray all provided complimentary. We tell our guests to plan on a 4 hour commitment with about 3.5 on the water. And yes we can certainly stop for a bathroom break if nature should call. Our Ascend & Old Town kayaks are strong, sturdy and very comfortable. You can go in a single or a tandem.....whatever you prefer


$60 per person 6 – 15 Years of Age

$99 per person – 16 and Up

- Children 5 years and younger always come along for FREE with an adult.

- Solo Kayaker $125

Sunset & Sunrise Times Available
Experience the sunset or sunrise like never before! Paddle out to the grass prairies of the Everglades and watch as the sun dips into the 10,000 Islands. Once the sky turns shades of pink and purple, the flocks of birds begin their return to the evening’s roost. If you’re an early riser you will be rewarded as well. You’ll begin our trip with head lamps as we make our way through the mangrove jungle, listening as the Everglades come alive. Once the sun rises and illuminates your surroundings you will be astonished. A full moon will accentuate either one of these adventures so check your calendar.