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Full Day & Combo Tours

This combination Kayak, Hike & Motorboat Tour of the Everglades is with out a doubt THE BEST way to experience this vast wilderness. Kayaks are best for the calm, shallow waters and tight mangrove tunnels of the backcountry and a motorboat is best for getting out to explore the islands. We have created three unique tours designed to accommodate your personal preferences and stimulate the explorer within you. You'll experience the BEST Of The Everglades on these combonation tours. From the mangrove jungle of the Everglades Backcountry to the beautifully preserved islands and waterways of the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge. All tours are PRIVATE and operated by Local Guides. We can accommodate any size group and will create a customized itinerary for larger groups. *Ask about our GROUP DISCOUNT* As with all our tours EVERYTHING will be provided....even cold water and fresh fruit. Leave the planning to us.....all you need to bring is your sense of adventure (and shoes that can get wet).

The Day Tripper - Kayak & Motorboat Tour

$245 Per Person

$135 Children 15 - 6

5 and younger are FREE - 2 Person Minimum

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The morning begins with a leisurely 3.5 hour kayak tour over the calm, pristine waters of the Everglades Backcountry. We'll glide beneath the canopy of the trees and out to the open ponds and grass prairies of the Everglades. Be on the look out for Alligators, Turtles River Otter, Raccoon, Osprey and a wide variety of wading birds. After wards you can enjoy a casual lunch at one of the great family owned restaurants in town or maybe a picnic and some exploring on your own (we'll assist you with both). For the next part of your journey you'll board a small motorboat for a 3.5 hour tour of the breathtaking 10,000 Islands. Here you'll be on the search for Dolphin, Manatee, Sea Turtle and the American Bald Eagle! We can even stop and explore a remote island beach to collect shells if you like.

The Serious Explorer - Motorboat Assisted Island Exploration

$275 Per Person

$145 Children 15 - 6

5 and younger are FREE

2 Person Minimum *Picnic Lunch Included

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This trip is for the true adventurer because YOU will become the explorer! We begin by venturing deep into the 10,000 Island by motorboat in search of mysterious Fakahatchee Island. This is one of the Calusa Shell Islands that scientists have determined is Man-Made. There are so many fantastic stories about this island and it's inhabitants, you will be amazed. There are mounds here that have been dated back to 2,800 BC...that's 200 years before the pyramids were built! During our exploration of the island we’ll identify remnants of the ancient Calusa as well as the early settlers of the 1800′s. You'll discover many native plants and some exotic varieties that are indigenous to the Yucatan. How did they get here?? You'll surely leave with more questions and a desire to return and explore these beautiful protected lands.

*We'll start early. Count on a full day commitment with memories that will last a lifetime