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Seasonal/Specialty Trips

Our guides monitor wildlife movement throughout the year and can bring you to the right place at the right time to witness some very unique animal behaviors. Courtship & mating, nesting & hatching for example can all be observed year round. We have also developed a few specialty tours for our guests that we offer every once and a while. These tours change throughout the season so check back often.


Gulf to Table - Catch your own Dinner

Spend a couple hours in the protected waters of the beautiful mangrove backcountry foraging for your food just as the Natives and Early Settlers did long ago. You'll be led by a native guide that will take you to the far reaches of the 10,000 Islands in search of your dinner. Spotted Trout, Snook, Refish, Drum and Snapper are all very abundant in this area. Blue & Stone Crab can also be found and collected in season. We have everything you'll need to catch'em and will even bait the hook for you. In between stops you may even see dolphin, manatee and a variety of birds as well. When you get back to the dock your guide will clean your catch and send you off to the restaurant! You can have your catch however you like....grilled, blackened,'s all included in the price!!!

$149 – Adults

Children 17yrs and under - $75

Tours (fishing time) are approx 2 hours

*All equipment & necessary licensing are included

*Premium beverages not included


Sea Turtle Tour

Summertime is Sea Turtle nesting season here in the 10,000 Islands. Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Kemp's Ridley turtles can all be found here and are a Federal Protected species. We'll leave early morning and head to the islands searching for freshly dug nests and check on existing nests. Our goal is to identify new nests so they can be covered and protected from Raccoon and other predators. We are the first line of defense in the lives of these little guys. While protecting the Sea Turtles you'll visit some of the most beautiful natural islands in the state of Florida... with miles of "Living Beaches" for you to explore. Along the way you may see dolphin, manatee and a variety of birds as well.

$149 – 16 and Up

Children 6 - 7 - $75

Children 5 and Under are FREE

*All tours are 3 Hours