About Us

Why We Do It This Way

We only offer private tours because I know from experience that the smaller your group and the less noise you make the more wildlife you’ll encounter. This also allows you to move along at your own pace without disruptions and enhances your overall experience. Along the way we are able to encounter animals in their natural habitat and observe their behaviors. Hunting, grooming, courtship, fighting, etc. This approach creates a deeper connection with nature and allows our guests to get some amazing photos.

When you set out on a tour with a mixed group of people packed in a van it’s just not the same as going alone with your own personal guide. On our private tours we’re not waiting on anyone else, you’re not riding with anyone else, you’re not sharing your tour with others…..it’s just you and your guide. Over the years I have learned that avoiding the crowds and high traffic areas is best. That’s why we conduct our private tours in the far reaches of the Everglades and avoid the touristy locations. 

When choosing a guide (no mater where you’re visiting) it’s always best to go with a local. Someone with roots in the area and a true natural passion for what they’re doing will make a big difference in your experience.  Every member of our team is a Florida Native and year round resident here. We can guide you through the wilderness and surrounding areas with a confidence that only comes with a lifetime of personal experiences.

This is a lifestyle for us…not a 1-800 business plan. We live here year round, and when we’re not conducting tours we’re out with our own family and friends, boating, hiking and exploring the Everglades & 10,000 Islands.  I believe our “private tour with a local guide” approach is what makes our tours the best. I hope that you will agree. 

Looking forward to meeting you,


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