Best Everglades Kayak Tours

Best Everglades Kayak Tours

Best Everglades Kayak Tours

1. Private Guided Tours Are Best

If you’re looking for the Best Everglades Kayak Tours and you want to view the wildlife, etc….you must go with a local guide and stay away from the crowds. Large groups of people make it virtually impossible to sneak up on wild animals. You must keep you size small / private and tread lightly in the wilderness. This is the safest way to observe wildlife and the lowest environmental impact as well. When you’re close to your guide it allows them to explain the surroundings and point things out for you without shouting.

Go with a Local Guide….their knowledge and connection to the local community / history will make a HUGE difference in your experience. They live here year round and know where to go, what to eat and what to see next. As the water levels and temperatures change here the animals move….the local guides know this and will take you there. Be on the lookout for the out-of-state seasonal tour companies that are also here on winter vacation.

2. Best Everglades Kayak Tour Locations

The Everglades is a vast wilderness spanning over 1.5 Million Acres! Everglades City is considered the Capitol City of the Everglades and is located right in the center of the 4 Major Parks / Preserves. Everglades National Park – Big Cypress Preserve – Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve – 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The Turner River in Big Cypress and East River in Fakahatchee are considered the Best Kayak Routes in the Everglades. This is because of the diverse landscape and abundant wildlife you will encounter. Both routes lead to ancient Calusa Shell Islands and can be easily accessed year round with Everglades City as a Basecamp (hotel, restaurants, etc).

3. Best Time For Everglades Kayak Tours

If you’re serious about seeing the wildlife you’ll want to start early. The best time to start is between Sunrise and 8am. The birds are starting their day and the alligators are beginning to move towards the warmth of the sunlight. The second best time is just before Sunset aka “The Golden Hour” typically starting 3 hours before sunset. Time of year and temperature will also dictate the behavior and movements of the wildlife. During the Winter the temperature and water levels drop making it easier to see alligators, manatee, etc. During the Summer when the water is high the wildlife can move into the flooded upland areas. Local guides will make it easier to find the seasonal hotspots.

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