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Meet Your Guides

Tod - Hiking & Overnight Trips

I'm Tod and I'm the owner of Tour The Glades - Private Wildlife Tours. I'm a Florida Native and my family and I live here in the Everglades year round. Nature and the environment have been my passion since I was a child and I bring that with me on every adventure. It was my early obsession with reptiles & amphibians that led me into the Florida wilderness. I first began catching snakes, lizards and turtles in the 3rd grade and bringing them to school for show & tell. I was always trying to convince my friends to come with me to look for animals and explore the they call that "Eco-Tourism". Florida history is also one of my passions and that seeps into my tours as well. I'm a member of the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation and continuously study the lives and culture of the Florida natives, early settlers and pioneers. The Everglades is not the horrifying, scary place that some will have you believe. It's actually a beautiful, delicate environment that you must "get into" in order to truly appreciate. I've spent 30+ years exploring the Florida wilderness and I pass that knowledge & confidence on to my guests.

Logan - Motorboat & Kayak Tours

Logan guides our Kayak Tours through the backcountry and the Motorboat Tours into the 10,000 Islands. He is a US Coast Guard Captain and earned his biology degree from Miami University with entomology as his area of concentration. Logan also volunteers with US-State Department of Fisheries on their restocking programs and invasive fish management. He is currently studying the Tarpon population of SW Florida, which will no doubt be a life long project. Logan's a naturalist through and through and hopes to one day work as a Biologist at one of the parks here in the Everglades & 10,000 Islands.

Josh - Kayak Tours

Josh is our lead kayak guide and was born and raised right here in the Everglades. Josh and his family live among the ancient Calusa Indian mounds on Chokoloskee Island near the legendary Smallwood Trading Post. His family goes back 6 generations and first arrived here in the mid 1800's. Josh has been exploring the waterways and islands with his father since he was 6 years old and grew up with the Everglades & Big Cypress Preserve as his "back yard". Like many of the young men here Josh's first job was working on the commercial Stone Crab & Lobster boats in Everglades City. This eventually led him to developing his own Oyster and Clam re nourishment program. Spawning new Venus Sunray Clams and Oyster species helps to restore the dwindling population and aids in the water filtration of our vital marine estuaries. Josh also volunteers for the Sea Turtle program that helps identify new nests and increases hatching survival rates. His passion for the Everglades ecosystem combined with his calm, patient demeanor makes him an excellent guide.

Rob - Motorboat Tours

My neighbor and good buddy Rob does our private guided motorboat tours. Rob is also a Florida native and was born here in nearby Naples. When he's not taking our guests out to the 10,000 Islands in search of Manatee and Dolphin you'll find him fishing. Rob also does his own charter fishing trips and is a US Coast Guard Master Captain. Prior to working with us he ran the 50 passenger tour boat at Everglades National Park and knows every little island, bay and sand bar from Cape Romano to Lost Mans River. Rob's years of boating experience, extensive knowledge of the area and calm, cool demeanor makes him the perfect Captain.

Lashaun - The Brains

If you call or email you'll reach me or my friend Lashaun. Lashaun was also born and raised here with the Everglades as her backyard. As a matter of fact her Great Grandfather Cecil Oglesby was a Locomotive Conductor here back in the day and operated "The Deuce" which is now on display at the Naples Museum. Lashaun's been on the tours you're inquiring about so she knows first hand what you'll encounter. She also knows the folks at the hotels, restaurants and local business you'll be visiting and can help you with whatever you'll need. Lashaun is a combination of Pepper Potts, Wonder Woman (2017 version) and all 3 Charlie's Angles wrapped up in one! You'll see she's very diligent and can make anything happen....we're lucky to have her on the team!

Why We Do It This Way

We only offer private tours because I know from experience that the less noise you make the more wildlife you’ll encounter. This also allows you to move along at your own pace and enhances your overall experience. We discover animals in their natural habitat and stop to observe their behaviors. Hunting, grooming, courtship, fighting, etc. This is much more enriching and allows our guests to get closer to nature... making a deeper connection. When you set out in a van with a mixed group of people it’s just not the same as going with your own personal guide. Following behind a group is also counterproductive when trying to spot wildlife. We conduct our private tours in the hard to reach areas that get very little human traffic. Every member of our team is a PERMANENT / YEAR ROUND RESIDENT here and will help you navigate through the wilderness and also around town.

When choosing a guide (no mater where you’re visiting) it's allways good to go with a local. Someone with a true natural passion for what they’re doing will make the difference in your trip. This is a lifestyle for us...not a 1-800 business plan. We are here boating, hiking, and camping in the Everglades & 10,000 Islands year round. When we're not taking guests out on tours we're outdoors with family and friends. I feel that's what makes our tours the Best In The Everglades! Our guests experience that first hand and write about it in their reviews. We end up becoming friends with many of our guests and they'll show up from time to time with other friends & family. After your first tour with us hopefully we'll become your go to source for future visits as well.