Everglades Kayak Tours

Everglades Kayak Tours

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Private Wildlife Tours

104 Buckner Ave South

 Everglades City, Florida  34139



See The Real Everglades With Us!

Come explore the Everglades on our Kayak ToursMotorboat Tours and other unique Private Guided Adventures.  Launching from Historic Everglades City….The Capital City of The Everglades!

Our business model is simple, we only conduct Private Tours with Local Guides…focusing on the Quality of our tours not the Quantity of customers.  This approach is Best For The Environment and the only way to truly experience the Everglades….just you and your own Naturalist Guide.

WE have the smallest tour group size in The Everglades…Only You!

You will get Amazing PHOTOS and VIDEOS so bring your camera and be ready for an adventure. Our tours are conducted in The Real Everglades. The Big Cypress Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand and Everglades National Park are the most diverse protected lands in the glades, and full of wildlife!

WE explore MORE locations and have MORE wildlife sightings than any other tour company!

Our low impact philosophy allows our guests to experience the Everglades in a very unique way that will create lifelong memories.  We take pride in our tours and have included something for everyone’s sense of adventure.


More Good News

No need to pack yourselves into a 12 passenger.  You can conveniently drive your own vehicle to all of our Starting Locations.  We are also Dog Friendly!  Your pooch will love our Private Motorboat Tour and can even walk the beaches with you.  Children under 6 and Dogs always ride for FREE with us!

We provide everything you’ll need for your tour.  Cold bottled water and snacks, single or tandem kayaks, safety equipment, insect repellant, dry boxes, first aid kit and all the necessities are provided Complimentary!

WE have been the ONLY all inclusive private tour operator in the Everglades for 14 years!

Many of our guests combine one of our private guided tours with a day or 2 of exploring on their own.  Here’s our top 10 list of things you should consider when planning your Day In The Everglades….

  1. Boardwalk Hikes

  2. Scenic Wilderness Drives

  3. Bicycle Around Everglades City

  4. Museum Of The Everglades

  5. The Old Ted Smallwood Store

  6. Clyde Butcher Gallery 

  7. Tram Ride At Shark Valley

  8. National Parks Visitors Centers

  9. Sunset At Marsh Trail

  10. Miccosukee Indian Village

Everglades City is the perfect basecamp for our Kayak Tours and other adventures.  It is considered The Capital City of the Everglades and is completely surrounded by the Top 4 National & State Parks. Hotels, restaurants, a grocery store and all the creature comforts right here in the middle of this beautiful wilderness setting.




Tour The Glades – Private Wildlife Tours

104 Buckner Ave South

Everglades City, Fl  34139