From Alligators To Dolphins

Everglades Kayak & Boat Combo Tour

Experience the best of our Florida Everglades on a private kayak and boat tour!

You’ll experience the BEST of the Everglades on our Everglades Kayak / Motorboat Combo Tour.  Journey from the mangrove jungle of the Everglades backcountry to the beautifully preserved islands and waterways of the 10,000 Islands.  All tours are PRIVATE and conducted by our local resident guides.

Our combination kayak and motorboat tour of the Everglades is without a doubt THE BEST way to experience this unique environment. Kayaks are best for navigating the tight mangrove tunnels of the Everglades and Motorboats are best for exploring the islands.

Your morning starts with a leisurely three hour kayak tour over the calm, pristine waters of the Everglades backcountry. You’ll glide beneath the canopy of the mangrove forest and out to the open ponds and grass prairies of the Everglades. Be on the lookout for alligators, turtles, river otters, raccoons, osprey, and wading birds. Next, enjoy a casual lunch at one of the great Family-Owned Restaurants in town or maybe a picnic and some exploring on your own (we’ll assist you with both).

For the next part of your journey, you’ll board a small motorboat for another three hour tour of the breathtaking 10,000 Islands. Be on the lookout for American bald eagles, ospreys, roseate spoonbills, and a variety of wading birds. Along the way you can even stop at one of the islands for a little beachcombing and personal exploring as well.

*If the weather turns bad we don’t make you go or try to keep your money….you can check current local weather HERE

6 Hour private tour
$245 per person
$135 children 6-15

Dogs & children under 6 are FREE
2 person minimum

Everglades Kayak Tour Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring on my trip?

Definitely bring your camera and binoculars if you have them. We will have water, insect repellent, dry bags, water, and a snack for you. I always keep some backup sunscreen, but bring your favorite if you can.  

What should I wear?

You can wear, whatever is comfortable for you depending on the weather.  

Will the alligators harm us

The alligators that we encounter are wild and behave as such.  They avoid the kayaks and do not see us as prey. 

When is the best time to see wildlife?

Typically mornings and late afternoon are the best times for wildlife. Although temperature, rain, etc. can affect the wildlife as well. But you will have the advantage because we always keep you updated on current conditions. 

Where is the best place to kayak in the Everglades?

Turner River in the big Cypress Preserve and East River in Fakahatchee Preserve are by far the top two kayak locations in the Everglades. They are both diverse ecosystems, full of alligators and other wildlife.

Everglades National Park is primarily a saltwater ecosystem here and is best explored in a small motorboat. 

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