Everglades bike rentals

Bike Rentals

$25 per day
Pickup after 8am
Drop off by 5pm
Overnight & Multi-Day rentals available

Explore The Trails On Your Own Accord

Kayak & Bike Rentals In Everglades City

You’ll be happy to know we offer Kayak and Bike Rentals in Everglades City year round!  Whether you’re staying in the area for an extended period or just here for the day we got you covered. We can outfit you with Single or Tandem Kayaks, Bikes and Camping Gear for all your Everglades adventures!

Everglades City and Chokoloskee Island are very small communities surrounded by water and the natural beauty of Everglades.  There are miles of bike paths, sidewalks and routes alongside our local waterways that connect all the local restaurants, shops, attractions, and historical locations.  Just outside town, there are also wilderness trails where you can immerse yourself in nature and explore at your own pace.  Some of the best wilderness trails can be found in The Big Cypress Preserve at Fire Prairie Trail & Bear Island.  Another great bike trail worth mentioning is Shark Valley.  Although this trail is about 45min East of Everglades it should be on the list of every biking enthusiast.
Everglades City was recently designated as a “Trail Town”, recognized for it’s endless Kayak and Bicycling opportunities. Everglades City also makes a great basecamp for all of our tours.  It is considered The Capital City of the Everglades as it is completely surrounded by the 4 top parks / preserves.  Everglades National Park, Big Cypress Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand and The 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge all come together here.
Kayak rental in the everglades

Kayak Rentals

Single Kayak $45
Tandem Kayak $80
Dry Box $20
Cooler w/ice $15

Explore Our Local Waterways

Everglades Kayak Rentals

We also offer Kayak Rentals in Everglades City for our guest that are planning an adventure of their own.  However, we ask that you know where you’re going ahead of time and have a float plan for safety.  It is easy to get lost here and hard to be found so do your research first.  The safest, most popular Kayak Routes near Everglades City are Halfway Creek & Turner River.  We can also deliver your boats as far as Port Of The Islands Marina.  and East River in Fakahatchee. We  have very sturdy Native & Old Town kayaks and you can choose from both single or tandem boats.  Life vests, paddles and pick up drop off are all included.

Tent for camping in the everglades

Camping Kit

Basic Kit $575

Tent, Sleeping Bags / Matts, Air Mattresses, Chairs, Propane Stove w/ bottles and lighter, Kitchen Kit & Work Table (cups, plates, utensils, cooking utensils, bowls, cooking pot, skillet), Light Kit
(head lamps, batteries, hanging lights), Big Cooler w/ice, Five Gallon Water Container, Grill Grate w/ Charcoal, Toiletry Kit
(toilet  paper, hand sanitizer, shovel)

Premium Gear For Your Everglades Camp

Camping Equipment: Outfitting

If you are planning a camping trip in the Everglades or 10,000 Islands we can help you with your planning, transportation  and all your outfitting needs.  Island camping is most popular here and we can set you up with everything you’ll need and also provide motorboat transportation to your campsite.  There are also several upland campsites in The Big Cypress Preserve that you can drive to if that’s what you preferer.  We’ve been doing this for 13 years now and have thought of everything you’ll need while you’re here.  Just let us know what type of  camping location works best for you and we’ll make it happen!

Fishing equipment package $50
Add kayaks $80 per boat
Motorboat transportation to and from island campsite $300