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What Should I Wear On My Everglades Tour?

So you’re coming to visit the Everglades and do some type of tour but you’re not sure what to wear or what to expect. There’s lots of things to consider when packing for your Everglades adventures…what time of year, best time of day, will it rain, etc. Don’t worry, we’ve been doing this for a long time…we got you covered!

Everglades Kayak & Motorboat Tours

The first thing to think about is the time of year you’ll be visiting.

Traditionally the busy season here in Florida is October – April. The weather here during that time is absolutely perfect with almost no rain or humidity and lots of sunshine! With daytime highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s you can basically wear whatever you like. However, from December through early March there will be some days with overnight temperatures dipping down into the 20’s & 30’s. If you are doing a morning tour, Kayaking in the Everglades, Boat Tour of the islands, etc, you’ll want to pack a pair of closed toed shoes, long pants and a warm jacket just to be safe. During the Motorboat & Airboat tours you will pick up speed at some point and the wind will add to the chill so be prepared. By mid-day the sun warms things up and you’re good with short sleeve shirts, shorts, sandals, etc. If you’re on the water a hat and Polarized Sunglasses will not only protect you from the sun but will also help you see into the water! If you’re doing one of our Hiking tours…sturdy, water resistant shoes are best. Your normal gym shoes will work but never sandals, flip flops or crocs. You’ll also be happy to know that the mosquitoes dislike the cold weather and are hard to find during the winter months.

* If you are visiting during the winter months and your goal is to observe wildlife you should consider booking late morning or afternoon…once things have warmed up. Watch the weather…the wildlife here will “hunker down” when it gets too cold and seek the warmth of the sun once it’s high enough. That’s the best time to see them!

Everglades Motorboat Tours

What about Summer in the Everglades

If you’re planning to visit the Everglades from April through September you should pack for warm days with a possible chance of rain. We try to schedule our Kayak & Hiking tours as early as possible during the Summer to avoid the afternoon heat and potential thunderstorms. The Motorboat Tours of the 10,000 Islands are a little different because there is a cover over the boat and there’s always a nice breeze on the water. You’ll want to wear something light and comfortable that will keep you cool. Shorts, skirts, hat, sunglasses and tee shirts are all good. If you’re doing a Motorboat tour you’ll want shoes that can get wet because we’ll stop on the islands to walk the beach & explore. Bring a light rain jacket if you can…especially if you’re touring the the afternoon. It doesn’t rain Every Day so we do schedule afternoon trips over the Summer as long as the weather cooperates. Yes there can be mosquitoes here during the Summer. Sometimes they’ll be here then they’re gone for a week then back again. We have tried every home remedy including dryer sheets, Listerine, skin so soft, etc. That stuff may work in a backyard setting but the mosquitoes here are a different breed. The only thing that works effectively is repellant with Deet. The best approach is to wear a light, long sleeve shirt & pants and spray repellant on the clothing to keep the mosquitoes away.

* If you’re planning to visit during the Summer try to start early in the morning. The wildlife will be most active just after sunrise until about 11-12 Noon before it gets too hot. The best time is late afternoon just before sunset 4-8pm as long as the afternoon thunderstorms don’t move in.

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Best Everglades Kayak Tours

1. Private Guided Tours Are Best

If you’re looking for the Best Everglades Kayak Tours and you want to view the wildlife, etc….you must go with a local guide and stay away from the crowds. Large groups of people make it virtually impossible to sneak up on wild animals. You must keep you size small / private and tread lightly in the wilderness. This is the safest way to observe wildlife and the lowest environmental impact as well. When you’re close to your guide it allows them to explain the surroundings and point things out for you without shouting.

Go with a Local Guide….their knowledge and connection to the local community / history will make a HUGE difference in your experience. They live here year round and know where to go, what to eat and what to see next. As the water levels and temperatures change here the animals move….the local guides know this and will take you there. Be on the lookout for the out-of-state seasonal tour companies that are also here on winter vacation.

2. Best Everglades Kayak Tour Locations

The Everglades is a vast wilderness spanning over 1.5 Million Acres! Everglades City is considered the Capitol City of the Everglades and is located right in the center of the 4 Major Parks / Preserves. Everglades National Park – Big Cypress Preserve – Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve – 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The Turner River in Big Cypress and East River in Fakahatchee are considered the Best Kayak Routes in the Everglades. This is because of the diverse landscape and abundant wildlife you will encounter. Both routes lead to ancient Calusa Shell Islands and can be easily accessed year round with Everglades City as a Basecamp (hotel, restaurants, etc).

3. Best Time For Everglades Kayak Tours

If you’re serious about seeing the wildlife you’ll want to start early. The best time to start is between Sunrise and 8am. The birds are starting their day and the alligators are beginning to move towards the warmth of the sunlight. The second best time is just before Sunset aka “The Golden Hour” typically starting 3 hours before sunset. Time of year and temperature will also dictate the behavior and movements of the wildlife. During the Winter the temperature and water levels drop making it easier to see alligators, manatee, etc. During the Summer when the water is high the wildlife can move into the flooded upland areas. Local guides will make it easier to find the seasonal hotspots.

For more information on our Guided Everglades Kayak Tours send us an email to TourTheEverglades@gmail.com or call us at 239-260-4577

You’ll also want to check out this info on Everglades City.….The Capital City Of The Everglades!

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Kayaking In The Everglades

So you’re planning to go Kayaking In The Everglades and your friends and family are trying to convince you that you’re crazy. Here’s a few things that will set your mind at ease and maybe even convince the naysayers to join you on your adventure!

Everglades Kayak & Motorboat Tours

1. Best Place To Go Kayaking In The Everglades

Our Everglades Kayak Tours are conducted in The Real Everglades…..The Big Cypress National Preserve & Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. These are the absolute best places to kayak in the Everglades because of the abundance of wildlife and remote picturesque locations. You won’t see any condominiums or pontoon boats out here, just bird rookeries and alligators. Theses are the same routes that the ancient Calusa Indians used to get from their shell islands in the bay to the great cypress forests to the north. When you get away from the populated areas you naturally see more wildlife. Of course the Alligators and Birds are everywhere….but we also see Otter, Turtles, Crabs, Fish and tons of Bromeliads and Wild Orchids!

Everglades Kayak & Motorboat Tours

2. The Water In The Everglades Is Calm & Shallow

The water on our routes very is calm and shallow, making it easy to glide along in a kayak. We never have to fight the tide or wind and dodge motor boats. The mangrove tunnels we explore give us shady areas along the way throughout the tour. It’s absolutely beautiful out there and somewhere along the way we find a special place to stop for a floating picnic. Children under 6 must wear a life vest and vests are optional for guests 7 and older.

Everglades Kayak Tours

3. We Have Everything

We have tandem and single kayaks to choose from. If you like to take a lot of pictures you should sit in the front of a tandem kayak and let someone paddle you while you get your shots. We bring professional grade pelican case dry boxes for your important items. We’ll also have a cooler, water, snacks, first aid kit, and even insect repellant. Don’t go buying a bunch of stuff because we have you covered!

Everglades Kayak & Motorboat Tours

4. You’re Not Going To Die Kayaking In The Everglades

TV and movies have convinced people that the Everglades is a very dangerous, scary place…….THAT’S NOT TRUE. The Everglades is a very beautiful, delicate landscape. People are amazed that the water is so clear here…..”I thought the water was gonna be black and muddy”. The Everglades is actually a giant filter that is cleaning the water before it makes it to the Gulf of Mexico. And no, the alligators do not jump out of the water and pull people off their boats. We do see alligators all the time but they are very respectful of us and we respect them. As we approach an alligator they slowly move away or go under water to hide….they want nothing to do with us. HOWEVER…..if an alligator has been fed by humans it will exhibit a totally different behavior. You can tell they’ve been fed if they swim towards you in a curious way. They have been fed and they expect you to feed them again. That’s a predicament you don’t want to be in. You will typically encounter these guys at public docks or viewing areas, marinas and other populated areas.

For more information on our Guided Everglades Kayak Tours send us an email to TourTheEverglades@gmail.com or call us at 239-260-4577

You’ll also want to check out this info on Everglades City.….The Capital City Of The Everglades!

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