10,000 Island Exploration

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10,000 Island Exploration

Private 10,000 Island Exploration Tour for Couples, Families, & Groups

Our 10,000 Island exploration tour is for the true adventurer because YOU will become the explorer! The Everglades consists of the backcountry, as well as the many mangrove and barrier islands along Florida’s Southwest coast known as the 10,000 Islands. We begin by venturing deep into the 10,000 Islands by motorboat in search of mysterious Fakahatchee Island. This is one of the Calusa Indian shell islands that scientists have determined are man-made. There many fantastic stories about this island and its inhabitants. There are mounds here that have been dated back to 2,800 BC — 200 years before the pyramids were built!

During your exploration of the island, we’ll identify remnants of the ancient Calusa culture, as well as the early settlers of the 1800′s. You’ll discover many native plants and some exotic varieties that are indigenous to the Yucatan. How did they get here? You’re sure to leave with more questions and a desire to return and explore these beautiful protected islands.

*We’ll start early. Count on a full day commitment with memories that will last a lifetime

4 Hour Private 10,000 Island Exploration Tour

$275 Per Person

$145 Children 15 – 6

Children 5 and younger are FREE

2 Person Minimum

Picnic Lunch Included

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