Everglades Airboat Tour

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Everglades Airboat Tour

Private Everglades Airboat Tour for Couples, Families, & Groups

Airboats have been a part of the Gladesmen culture here in the Everglades for many years. You can experience this Everglades tradition with one of our local guides year-round. Our Everglades airboat tour partner, Speedy’s Airboats, can take you through the mangrove forest and out to the grasslands for the ride of your life. Airboats are more of a thrill ride although you may also see Alligators and a variety of bird species as well. The airboats are small and only seat six people. However, we can also arrange a private tour if you like….just ask.

1 Hour Semi-Private Everglades Airboat Tour

$46 Per Person 11 & Up

$26 Children 10 – 3

$8.99 Children 2 and younger

1 Hour Private Everglades Airboat Tour

$252 Private Tour – 1-6 People

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